Bedit Command

To active the command you can type bedit and press enter or you can also double click on the block object. After it will be appear Edit Block Definition Dialog Box. Here are the settings to take effect.

Dynamic Block Editor

A range of building blocks is also displayed. The sets of parameters and actions are in the range of available colors, and the block can be configured to be one of them. When finished, return to the Block Editor, click Close (top right of the screen) in the normal range of drawing. So what are we doing here? Now we add two actions and parameters for a chair that is scaled and the ability of some rotation.

Dynamic Block Editor

Open the Settings tab in the palette and choose the nonlinear parameters. It is, after all, are the works of scale to a linear expansion of an object. First select the top left corner of the base and then select the end point of the upper right corner of the chair (like adding a horizontal dimension).

While you're there, add a dash through the necessary basis point (bottom left), radio (any value), and the angle request. Well, you can perform actions associated with these parameters. Select the Actions tab and select the scale. Then select the parameters and objects (the wheelchair), as indicated. Repeat these steps for the rotation. Note the new (lost), scaling and rotation of the symbols.


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