Gradient and Solid Fill

At the top of the dialog and gradient shading on the left, click the gradient tab. The left side of the gearbox, while the site remains essentially the same. The option is simply a gradient style fill solid.

AutoCAD 2012 Gradient and Solid Fill

You can select the desired model in one or two colors, and adjust the angle of tone, color, orientation and inclination. The remaining steps are similar, pick or select the point object, preview, and you're done.

The fill color is the first option in the Standard tab, different and deserves special mention since our last issue. This is comparable with a gradient of solid fill color, but without fancy mix of one color.

It is very useful for the walls, or certain types of sections where you want a dark area to fill.

It is even more useful when combined with a function called stress test of the line. It has to do with the possibility of the disappearance of the intensity of each color, usually up to 30% and is ideal for display in the main area of work plans, some types of carpet and even the design of sidewalks and engineering.


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