Change Units from Dimstyle

Type ddim and press enter, now appearing a dimension style manager box, next you can click the modify.

AutoCAD 2012 Primary Units

Select the primary units and simply select the drop down menu at the top left where it says that the format of the device. The default is decimal, the switch to select the correct architecture and from just below menu (the default is sufficient).

That's all we need the tab for now. Notice how the preview window in the upper right to choose reflects units.

There is four options that you can change the settings.
- Linear Dimensions include; Unit format, precision, fraction format, decimal separator, round off, prefix, and sufix.

- At Measurement Scale, you can change the scale factor and apply to layout dimensions only.

- To active the leading to change sub-units factor and sub-unit sufix and then active the trailing to view feet and inches, you can find at Zero suppression options.

- Next is angular dimensions, who is change the units format and precisions of the drawings.


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