Fillet Command

Keyboard: Type fillet and prees enter
Menus: Modify -> Fillet
Toolbar Icon: Modify Toolbar
Ribbon: Home Tab -> Mirror

Fillet command used for two object in intersection or a corner of an object be a rounded edge. The edges are added to avoid sharp corners.

How to use AutoCAD 2012 Fillet Command, follow the steps:
- Type Fillet and press enter

AutoCAD 2012 Fillet Command

- Specify radius of filled. Type r, give a value and press enter.

AutoCAD 2012 Fillet Command

- Select two object semewhere near the intersection or gap at objects.

AutoCAD 2012 Fillet Command

These are the steps of adding a radius of curvature involved. You can also fillet with a radius of zero. This is very useful for fast cutting and expansion. Intersection of the lines can be left, to end a point, and if they are at some distance fillet can be merged. All this is possible with a radius of zero. In these cases, the new preview feature displays a green X at the intersection of the lines. Try all the variations.


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